Say hello to Stur

A brand-new iOS application for creating, sharing and chatting about events and experiences with friends.



Events + Chat


Create Events with chats or simple Group Chats.


Invite the contacts in your phone. (And soon enough, your email contacts too!)


Share thoughts, photos and videos throughout the activity in the chat.

Goodbye, Social Media


No longer do you have to create invites using one platform, manage your guest list using another, share updates through email, find pictures and videos friends have shared scattered about social media and chat about the event through text.

With Stur, everything before, during and after the event happens here.



How it Works

Create and Manage Events

Plan your ideal experience with our easy-to-use platform. Choose from events (location-based get-togethers) or groups (groups chats).

Invite Your Nearest and Dearest

Stur seamlessly integrates with your mobile contacts for quick and easy invites.

Share Your Experience

Save the endless list of “Not Attendings” for Facebook. The Stur chat is reserved for people attending the event or activity. Fill it with vibrant conversation, photos and videos of favorite moments from your favorite people.

Create Lasting Memories

The moment doesn’t end just because the event is over. Your chat stream will be turned into a time capsule of memories you can share through social media or keep for yourself.

Manage All Your Plans

Stur makes it easy to see what’s going on in all the events and activities you participate in right from your homepage dashboard.

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